replace default drupal rss feed for mm pages?

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replace default drupal rss feed for mm pages?

I have tried to search through the monster_menus module code to find out how
my/mmpage/path/with/feed might be implemented, I thought maybe it was a menu
router path like mm/%mmtid/feed or something that could be overridden.  

What I am seeking to accomplish is using my new and improved feed from views
rss in place of the standard rss.xml one.  it is now a views page with this
url: <a href="">
how could I accomplish that given/mmpage/path/feed would resolve to this or
a similar views rss feed url?

Why rss views?
( Views rss makes it possible to define what fields are output and add extra
fields etc. which is needed in my case, as not many rss readers do not
render rss 2.0 feeds correctly (used by drupal 7 built in rss rendering)
where html can be included in the description rss field.

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