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I tried introducing a monster menus block that should not have content on
the root level.
meaning it should be introduced at a sublevel from the frontpage.

Previously I have been using this technique by adding a mm page as a subpage
of the frontpage, and overriden it at subpages in the menus. so - if a block
on the frontpage should show contact info on all pages inclusive the
frontpage, I would add it at
domain.tld/contactblock with a position of (mm block name): "contact
mmblock" and this would render on the frontpage. as well as any subpages of
the frontpage.
If I wanted to override it at subpage1: I would add a new mm page with
postition "contact mmblock"
at a subpage of the level where I wanted to override it: thus:
domain.tld/subpage1/contactblock  This would then render at
domain.tld/subpage1 and
domain.tld/subpage1/subB etc.

What makes me confused is this:
In this case I want to introduce a block at a lower level ( it should not be
used on the front page of the site at all, and it is introduced at
and is not defined at all here:

The problem is that mynewBlock does not render on

Would it have to already have a page assigned at the root level of the site
for it to be able to pick up new pages in block position at lower levels?

Tedious to describe this clearly.. hope I succeeded. :)

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