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entity translation and MM

Hi! This time I am writing from a keyboard and not a phone! Hope this makes my message clearer :) I have tried to enable entity translation some days now. The problem is that I cannot find the tabs associated with the latest version of entity translation (7.x-1.0-beta3). in beta2 translating a node is presented as links in the forms of secondary tabs on the node edit form. The problem seems to be that I don't have any secondary navigation at all on the node edit or node add forms. (outputting the tabs variable on my node edit page gives empty results) This is my node edit page on a mm page: Would this be how mm is presenting the node edit page, or would it be an unwanted behaviour / introduced by some other module on my system or other local functionality/bug? If it is the intended behaviour of mm, is it possible to get entity translations to work with mm currently? The translation paths of entity translation are now ( node/%node/edit/ ) also node/%node/translate I think - but that might be deprecated because of the new tab links - i don't know because I haven't gotten the module to work yet. Even though I cannot see the translation tabs, nor get the translation links to work, it is installed and reacting.. here is the output of the tabs that the module tries to register on the edit page: (parts of the output array from the function localTasksAlter in /entity_translation/includes/translation.handler.inc ) array( array( '#theme' => 'menu_local_task', '#active' => TRUE, '#language_tab' => TRUE, '#link' => array( 'href' => 'node/800/edit/nb', 'title' => 'Norsk (bokmål)', 'weight' => '0', 'localized_options' => array( 'href' => 'node/800/edit/nb', 'title' => 'Bokmål Bokmål', 'attributes' => array( 'class' => array( 'language-link', ' session-active', ), 'lang' => 'nb', ), 'query' => array(), 'language' => (object) array( 'language' => 'nb', ), 'html' => TRUE, ), 'path' => 'mm/%/node/%/edit', Hope some of my searching for answers makes sense :) Cheers, Øyvind

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