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Dan Wilga-2
We recently ran into yet another case where a newly-added menu entry
conflicted with an existing page alias in mm_tree. As a result, the
page could not be viewed.

So, in r3166, I've added some code to MM to detect this circumstance
during menu rebuild. As a result, you should run the following PHP
code from "Execute PHP", to see if you have any pages that are
currently in this state. Otherwise, you'll get errors the next time
you try to rebuild the menus or clear cache.

$a = variable_get('mm_reserved_alias','');
$r = db_query("SELECT mmtid, name, alias FROM {mm_tree} WHERE alias
IN(" . db_placeholders($a, 'varchar') . ')', $a);
while ($row = db_fetch_object($r))

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