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Testing needed

Dan Wilga-2
I've made some big changes to the way certain settings appear in the
UI, and are stored in the DB. After running update.php, please test:

In the the Page Settings dialog:
- Changed the Menu Appearance section to group things better and
default the collapsible regions to the collapsed state

- The method for storing settings which are inherited by child pages
has changed dramatically. Please make sure "allow reorder", "allowed
themes", and "Allowed nodes types" work as expected.

- If the Share and MM Share Widget modules are used, there are
options on this page to set default visibility options for any Share
widgets that are defined. Find them in "Defaults for new content".

- Also, if using Share and MM Share Widget, node editing pages will
have an additional option to enable the Share widget.

Amherst users: All of this is visible on the dru6 instance.
Dan Wilga                                 [hidden email]
Web System Administrator/Programmer             http://www.amherst.edu
Amherst College                                      Tel: 413-542-2175
Amherst, MA  01002

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