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Tagging local modifications to Drupal or contrib source

Dan Wilga-2
While we have been paring down the number of modifications to core,
there are still times when we make our own version of a core function
or contrib module.

In the past, we had denoted these changes using the name Amherst in a
comment. This doesn't work so well when others are contributing, so
I'm proposing that we start using LOCALMOD instead. For example:

   // LOCALMOD: begin changes
   ...code we added...
   // LOCALMOD: end changes

At some point we should go through all of the existing code and do
this. Any volunteers? :-)

And a reminder: In the case where we are making local mods to
contributed code, it's important to always check the original code in
first, then apply the local mods separately. This also applies when
updating to a newer version of contrib code: check in the real thing
first, then reapply the mods.
Dan Wilga                                 [hidden email]
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Amherst College                                      Tel: 413-542-2175
Amherst, MA  01002

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