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Dan Wilga-2
Release 3.34 (8/11/09)

- Avoid a bug in the date_popup jQuery code which prevents certain
date format strings from working correctly with the node apperance
scheduling feature. See helpdesk 22757.

- Added code to fix the longtitle field on crosslisted courses such
that the primary longtitle is copied to the secondary course

- Fix a 404 when viewing users/X, where X is a letter of the
alphabet. See helpdesk 22614.

- Make page alias (URL name) validation case-insensitive, so that
"Foo" is not allowed when "foo" is already present.

- Fix a bug which caused pages with numeric aliases to redirect the
user to the wrong location. See helpdesk 22619.

- Changes to the giving process. Add order description for each
constituent to send to Nelent payment pages.

- Fix a bug which prevented webforms from being submitted.

Already backported to 3.33:

- Fix the case of URLs in the form: comment/edit/N causing a PHP error

- Prevent a PHP error when accessing URLs of the form:  node/N

- Fix a bug which prevented the "Allow menus to be reordered"
checkbox from having the correct state when the Settings page is
first loaded.

- Fix the initial hiding of the library search widget on non-Library Home pages

- Fix a problem which caused the My Portal and My Profile links to
appear for all non-alumni. They should, in fact, be removed

Not included:
- New TinyMCE

Dan Wilga                                 [hidden email]
Web System Administrator/Programmer             http://www.amherst.edu
Amherst College                                      Tel: 413-542-2175
Amherst, MA  01002

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