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Dan Wilga-2
Already backported to 3.32:

- Change the method used to display long user names (preferred
names), such that it is taken from Datatel data, not manually

- Add the pretty-list CSS style for TinyMCE

- Prevent the subscribe to RSS icon from appearing when it should not

- Fix a typo which caused the 3-pane feed viewer to fail to get a tree of files

- Resolve the issue of non-logged users not seeing faculty page images

- Fix uploading of the library hours

- Remove billing address from giving forms and make mailing address
mandatory; other minor changes to this form

- Improve library section and course guides

New in 3.33:

- Roster content type (not yet used in production)

- Google search appliance module (not yet used in production)

- Course scheduling tool (not yet used in production)

- Biblio module (not yet used in production)

- Add the Share widget at the node level, with the ability to
enable/disable at the page level

- Reorganize the Appearance fieldset in the Page Settings dialog

- TAs are now in a separate group from instructors

- Added interests to faculty page

- Add more sensible sorting to academic departments' lists of semesters

- Rearrange the upper left menu slightly for alumni. See helpdesk 21950.

- If the URL contains mm/N or just N, redirect to the appropriate
alias, if any.

- In the case where the URL mm/N refers to a missing page, return a
404. Previously, this would show the site's homepage.

- Add a system alert feature, which displays "alert" nodes in a
thickbox, once per logged-in user

- Big changes to the way profile data and the associated hide/show
preferences are organized in the database

- More subscribe menu tweaks

- Fix the bug where hidden pages were not displayed in the media
browser - helpdesk ticket 21797

- Show the "login to read or post comments" link on a node when it
has comments turned on, but they cannot be read by the anonymous
user, and the "show comment count" option is enabled

- Work around a problem with selecting the display style in roster
and gallery nodes in IE 7

Dan Wilga                                 [hidden email]
Web System Administrator/Programmer             http://www.amherst.edu
Amherst College                                      Tel: 413-542-2175
Amherst, MA  01002

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