SV: Disabled user account missing monster menu pages?

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SV: Disabled user account missing monster menu pages?

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Alas, the pages are gone from the mm_tree table on the live server, but present on the staging server.

So Ill have to assume that these pages have been deleted. (I know that these pages have been worked on recently by different people in different departments also).



Øyvind Graham


Fra: Dan Wilga [via Monster Menus] [mailto:ml-node+[hidden email]]
Sendt: 11. februar 2016 15:00
Til: Øyvind Graham <[hidden email]>
Emne: Re: Disabled user account missing monster menu pages?


The only way a page could be completely missing is if it is deleted. Are
you sure it's really not there? It could be that the page was moved
somehow. You might try to figure out the MMTID of the page from the
development server, and then just go to mm/MMTID on the live server to
see if it appears.

If the page does exist in the proper place but is not showing in the
menu, another possibility is that the sort index has become damaged. You
can fix this by going to admin/mm/sort.

On 2/11/16 8:24 AM, grahamtk wrote:

> We have a lot of monster menu pages missing from our live server, on the
> development server they are still there.
> the only known difference is that on the live server the creator of the menu
> pages has left our ourganisation and the user account is now disabled. This
> indicates a possible connection to me. Is this plausible?
> do we need to manually re-assign owners of pages before disabling user
> accounts?
> and will enabling the user account bring the pages back?
> Thanks anyway.
> Øyvind

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