Restoring deleted content and recycle bin content

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Restoring deleted content and recycle bin content

I turned on automatic removal from recycle bin, and it turns out someone
have moved content from deleted parent pages into the normal tree. this
should not be possible if you ask me, or the action should at least have
restored the moved pages from the bin - as when I emptied the bin, moved
pages that now lived outside the bin was also removed.

Another case is maybe like ressurecting dead nodes.. I have turned on
automatic emptying of recycle bins, and alas a large important branch from
the content turned up to have been wrongfully deleted during a holiday, and
was deleted automatically.

Are there any ways to restore this from the current database? or do we have
to restore it from a backup?
and how would you go about that? I have site backups, and might for instance
export it from a restored site with views xml, and import it, but what about
the mm structure, as long as I have not got nodeporter mm to work on d7 yet.

Thanks in any case.

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