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Removing thickbox from MM

Dan Wilga-2

In order to improve MM's usability at smaller screen sizes and to get away from a module that is ancient and no longer supported, I've spent the last week finally removing (almost) all uses of thickbox from MM. Instead, MM now has its own modal dialog code which uses the "dialog" portion of jQuery UI. This is included as part of Drupal 7. Along the way, I also removed the need for the third-party splitter.js library.

The one case where thickbox is still used is for the Gallery content type, provided by the mm_media module. Decoupling this would mean either adopting another popup slideshow module or writing our own, and this was not tackled. If you do not use this content type you can disable thickbox.

This is a drastic change in the UI, so I'd like some help testing. To begin, check out the devel branch. Disable the thickbox module, then:

- When editing a page's settings:
  - Click on "Solve permissions issues".
  - Add Individuals to the permissions.
  - Add Groups to the permissions. When doing this:
    - Select a group in the left hand pane and click on Bookmark to create a bookmark.
    - Click on Bookmarks->Organize Bookmarks.
    - After selecting a group with lots of members, click on the "See all users in this group" link.
    - Try out the split bar. Its position is saved for the next time a tree browser is used.

- When editing a node (piece of content):
  - Click on the Pages tab. Add a second page with the "Add..." button.
  - Click on the "Who can edit..." tab. Add individuals and groups to the permissions.

- Go to a group in the /groups section which has many users. Click on the "See all users in this group" link.

- Try out the various tree browsers at /admin/mm/browse.


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