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McBride, Ian S.


Unfortunately, we don't have any students who are familiar with this module, or staff we could spare to help with your project at this time, but I'm forwarding your question to our mailing list to see if any of my colleagues can assist.

Ian McBride
Web Technologies & Services
Middlebury College

From: Tim Luedtke <[hidden email]>
Sent: Sunday, March 22, 2015 9:25 AM
To: McBride, Ian S.
Subject: Resource for Drupal and Monster Menus

Dear Mr. McBride,


Reaching out to you given your college position and writings on Drupal and Monster Menus.  Would appreciate your help with a request.


Have been asked by my local parish to help with their website and would like to use Monster Menus to enable parishioners participating in the ongoing website build/maintenance.  Was wondering whether there might be some people you could suggest as possible assisters with the project?  Students could be a good answer.  Happy to share more on the project itself if desired.


Would there be other university users you think worth reaching out to with this request?  Thank you for your kind consideration.



Tim Luedtke, Principal and Consulting Actuary
Navigator Benefit Solutions, LLC

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