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Dan Wilga-2
>I found a way to move what had been custom mods to core into MM
>proper in r3008. So, aside from some very site-specific mods, we're
>now core free!
>This revision affects the URL taxonomy/term/NN, as well as
>displaying a tag feed in rss_page.

Anita discovered a case where this code fails: when a module directly
calls node_access('view') and uses the results to decide whether or
not to display something to the user. There's not much harm when
what's being displayed is just a link, but she found at least one
case where they were getting useful data they shouldn't.

I have another hack in mind that I think can be used to work around
this problem, without modifications to core. But it's just an idea at
this point; I'll try it later this coming week.
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