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Dan Wilga-2
Hi there,

I haven't had the time to go back to this fork to continue work. I don't think that it would help in the bulk deletion aspect, anyway. It's still going to be slow.

You can either delete the page containing the nodes and recreate it empty, or you can use the Move function to move " Just the contents appearing on this page" to a temporary page and then delete them there.

On 4/30/15 4:54 AM, grahamtk wrote:
Has this in any way been implemented yet? 

are there any way of removing articles in bulk from one of the pages? 
I have a lot of news items directly on a frontpage that also resides in
/news subpage. 
I would like to use the frontpage for a one node full view, and needs to get
rid of the long list of news items that resides on both pages. 



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