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Dear All,

Just found this list serve and wish to ask some very basic questions.  Not sure if this is the right forum, yet am quite intrigued with the potential for Monster Menus and wishing to apply the tool in a forum other than a college or university.  In particular my local Catholic parish is looking to initiate a self-service model and allow parishioners to engage with each other more freely through the web.

With this effort I'd like to find someone with greater Drupal and Monster Menu expertise to assist with the effort (a capable student would be fine).  If anyone has any suggestions please send me an e-mail.  In the meantime I've started on my own and am likely to have a question from time to time and would appreciate any suggestions for the best approach for resolving learning issues as they develop.  Is this a good forum or is there another better approach?  

As an example of the initial simplicity of the questions, I like that MM allows for the creation of an initial personal website for each user.  Yet, setting up a menu link to the personal website I find challenging as am not sure how to set up the PATH in the menu link, especially where 'virtual user directories' are used where the path has the addition of the first letter of the username.  Guessing there is a wildcard approach yet not sure how to discover such without just asking the question.

Bless your efforts,