MM vs. the built-in Drupal menu system

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MM vs. the built-in Drupal menu system

Dan Wilga-2
Has anybody found a workaround for this problem?:

If you add links to the built-in menu system here:


and you enter a URL like "campuslife/quidditch" using the default options, it gets rewritten to "mm/12345" (or whatever the MMTID is.) If you change the "Behavior" option to "Discard" this isn't much better because now the URL becomes "". Neither of these will work if you want to export the URL as part of a feature, since they are host-specific.

It really irks me that Drupal's code is even trying to rewrite the URL at this stage. It should be done only during output, not during setup.

I'm willing to consider changes to MM if it comes to that.


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