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MM Tree Browser Fix Redux

Jay Dansand
We're working on enabling some modules and themes (Bootstrap in this case) which require jQuery Update, and we ran into another MM Tree Browser issue (the previous issue was fixed with Auto Thickbox Plus:

The version of splitter.js bundled with MM doesn't work with IE < 11 (at least for us, in any version of jQuery) and has problems in any browser with jQuery 1.5+ (via jQuery Update, etc.), especially jQuery 1.9+ (which removes $.browser). As a workaround we've written another mm_tweaks sub-module:

The tweak module will replace MM's splitter.js with an updated fork ( as the original library has been abandoned since January 2009 (

Jay Dansand '08
Senior Web Application Developer
Technology Services, Seeley G. Mudd Library
Lawrence University
Appleton, WI
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