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Exposing MM pages as Entities

Adam Franco
Hello all,

I've been working on adding support for Metatags attached to Monster Menus pages and found that I could relatively easily expose Monster Menus pages as read-only Entities. Doing this allows Metatag and other modules to associate their data with mmtids, add their form elements to MM-page-edit forms, and clean up their data on on MM-page delete.

I've put up patches that implement this feature in the Monster Menus issue queue as "Expose MM pages as Entities". I'm interested in your feedback on this feature, both conceptually and in its implementation details. Does this feature address something you've run into? Do you see any potential "gotchas" that might cause problems?

For reference, here are a few articles on working with Entities (and custom entities in particular) that I've found useful in working on this features:

Thanks for any feedback you may have!



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