After updating 7.x-1.18 no more page feed, and rss feed sort is backwards

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After updating 7.x-1.18 no more page feed, and rss feed sort is backwards

Is this just affecting our site,

A rss page won't display mm page feeds anymore ( pick a mm page with tree
browser) and when displaying a rss feed the items show up with the five
newest items, but with the oldest of these five items on top. ( news are
usually sorted from newest to older.
Example with news page and feed side by side:

Our rss feed:
is sorted by newest to older.
( where 3412 is the mmtid of the page with the nodes)

I am not using the mm rss feed because I could not figure out how to add
images to the regular drupal feed ( ) so I
made a more advanced feed with the views_rss module using mm_views
integration.  ( I also had problems with html markup from field templates in
the output of the fields configured with the standard drupal feed, which was
by design I suspect, as rss 2.0 allows markup in rss items.

I also had to change the sorting of the new rss feed to use updated date
because sorting by rss page weight or rss node weight didn't affect the rss
page ordering - as they now use date from rss item and not the sorting of
the rss items in the rss feed. ( the use case for this are newsfeeds where
order of the news is manually ordered by drag and drop in place of date.

Best regards,
√ėyvind Graham

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